‘FitMass’ Gift Idea! Personal Training Bundle

GIFT IDEA! Come January, this gift voucher will definitely make sense!!! We’ve a special Christmas Gift Voucher Bundle on offer. For just €160.00 (inc. vat) the voucher entitles the bearer to the following:
1. Consultation with our resident personal trainer.
2. Full Clinical Assessment to include Vo2 Max Test, Body Fat Analysis, Posture Analysis, Blood Pressure & Lung capacity

6 Week Body Blitz!

Focus Fitness 6 week Body Blitz

It is 6 weeks to Christmas! Many of you will be making plans for the festive season. Feeling happy and confident with how you look is important to us all. Here at Focus Fitness, we understand the importance of creating a balance between mind and body. Changing the aesthetics of your body should be underpinned and in synergy with a balanced mind and energising nutrition.

Whipper Snapper Workouts!

If you’re reading this CONGRATULATIONS must be in order! You’re a new mum who’s enjoying these precious days with your baby. You’re finally getting your head around being a new parent but thoughts of getting back to your own training are beginning to creep in? We can hear you saying ‘never mind finding the energy to train, where am I going to find a babysitter while I’m at the gym’? Focus Fitness Personal Training has the answer – bring your baby with you!

NEW!! Focus Fitness ‘Client of the Month’

Client of the Month – Vanessa McCann

Age? 38
How long have you been training with Focus Fitness Personal Training? 3 and ½ years.
Favourite exercise and why? Back Squats. A really challenging exercise to do correctly, but when you learn to engage all of your muscles during the movement you get a real feeling of strength.

Water Water Everywhere!

WATER How much are you drinking?

Throughout the colder, frostier months of Winter, it’s easier to believe we don’t need as much water. After all, we’re not sweating as much & trying to keep cool in the heat of the sun right?

As logically as the above may sound, staying properly hydrated is just as important to our bodies in the colder months.

Herbalife 6 Weeks January 2017 Challenge

Focus Fitness Personal Training will launch its SIX week Herbalife weight loss programme in January 2017!

The overall goal of this 6 week programme is to re-introduce healthy habits back into your lifestyle and change the way we think and feel about food.

Do you wake up feeling sluggish every day?
Do you feel unmotivated no energy?

Desserts is Stressed spelt backwards!

Sweet Tooth Killer Recipe Alert
Did you know that your stress levels have a massive impact on your eating habits? After a stressful day/week do you find yourself by evening reaching for the chocolates, calling up the local takeaway with the mindset of