Whipper Snapper Workouts!

If you’re reading this CONGRATULATIONS must be in order! You’re a new mum who’s enjoying these precious days with your baby. You’re finally getting your head around being a new parent but thoughts of getting back to your own training are beginning to creep in?

We can hear you saying ‘never mind finding the energy to train, where am I going to find a babysitter while I’m at the gym’? Focus Fitness Personal Training has the answer – bring your baby with you!

Meet Laura & Baby Rebecca
When Laura contacted us after the birth of her beautiful daughter Rebecca some months ago, We were delighted to hear she was making a come back! Laura returned to training 4 months after Rebecca’s birth rearing to go! with baby Rebecca also sitting in on sessions 😉
There was no excuses for Laura who attends her sessions with Rebecca, and from Day 1 she’s followed & committed to everything that was asked of her to reach her goals.
Congratulations Laura. Delighted to have you back in Focus Fitness. Keep going you’re doing brilliant!


I returned to Focus Fitness 4 months after having my first baby, Rebecca. Complications at the end of my pregnancy resulted in an elective C-section.  I was nervous about resuming training after the section and fitting the training in with a baby but I need not of worried.

Noelle assesses me and plans our sessions around my capabilities. Each week I feel myself getting stronger. I’m not worried about injury or strain as I know I’m in safe hands.

The best thing about training in Focus Fitness is I can bring my baby to the private training studio, she watches as I train. It’s so convenient. I don’t have to plan my training around a babysitter. I can go when suits me.  Focus Fitness has a lovely atmosphere and is very baby friendly. Sometimes there is some tears from Rebecca but I don’t need to stress at all. Noelle has great patience and experience with babies. She soothes my little one while I finish my reps.

Focus Fitness is a real sanctuary oozing with positive energy. I feel fantastic from the training and have great chats along the way with Noelle.

Laura Conlon

For more details, contact us today info@focusfitness.ie