WATER How much are you drinking?

Throughout the colder, frostier months of Winter, it’s easier to believe we don’t need as much water. After all, we’re not sweating as much & trying to keep cool in the heat of the sun right?

As logically as the above may sound, staying properly hydrated is just as important to our bodies in the colder months.


1) Staying hydrated protects your immune system – our protective system that works hard to fight off colds & flus. When we have low immunity we are wide open to infectious illnesses such as the common cold.

2) Your body still needs water. Water is the body’s natural rejuvinating tonic containing endless benefits for us. Regular water intake is just as important, as your bottom line quota doesnt change in the winter months.

3) It is easier to become dehydrated. When it’s colder, our sweat tends to evaporate quicker and we don’t feel the urgent need for water during exercise like we do in the hotter months. You may not find yourself as thirsty, however this does not mean that you aren’t! A good indication to find out is by checking your urine the next time you use the loo. If it is bright yellow or dark then it is a sign your body needs more water.

My top 3 Tips for keeping hydrated are:

1) Carry a water bottle with you during the day and refill it throughout the day. This is one I rely on myself every single day. My water bottle is like my second phone. I never leave the house without it!

2) Track your water intake with ‘Waterlogged’. This app is very useful and you can even set up reminders.

3) By adding some lemon and cucumber slices to your water can give it more of a taste making it easier to drink.