Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Mince Pies nicely baked.

Yummy chocolates from a tin, thousands of calories – the ultimate sin!

There’s turkey & ham, roasted spuds & sprouts,

As your fork does return trips to your mouth.

Trifle dessert in a big glass bowl, there’s no stopping you now, you’re on a roll.

Ham sandwiches smoothered in Coleman’s mustard, then shortly after, it’s pudding and custard.

Top button pops open, your pants are not coping, it’s time to act and stop the moping.

Remove the voucher from under the tree, you’ll feel much better, go on you’ll see.

January is almost here and you’ll remind yourself to¬†‘get fit this year’.

A broken promise year in year out, but with each passing month, you just get stout.

So why not give Focus Fitness a try, for yourself, your friend or that special guy!

Remember that it’s never too late to change, you’ll simply work within your range.

Our trainers will guide you through it all, just pick up the phone and make that call!