Our relationship and mind-set towards food plays a huge role in reaching our nutritional goals. Getting fit and healthy is to be enjoyed! So many people use the word ‘dieting’ in which my opinion creates a negative impact on our thought processes. Notice under dieting in the list below a long list of negative buzzwords! For a happier healthier approach, why not switch the word dieting to positive words listed in the mindful eating column instead.

Dieting: Willpower, cultural conformity, external ques, weight loss, avoidance, rigid, counting calories, restrictive, deprivation, denial, quick fix, fight food, trap, enemy.

Mindful Eating: Trust, individual empowerment, internal cues, health enhancement, acceptance, integration, quality calories, flexible, satisfaction, permission, lifestyle, celebrate food, liberate, ally.

Remember that “Life is all about perception and perspective therefore having a positive attitude is key to happiness, remember the mind is a powerful thing therefore you are your biggest obstacle”