I’ve been training with Aidan at hard target for over 18 months now, and I really enjoy it. Initially I was just taking self- defence lessons but then I noticed that there was a separate personal training studio upstairs. I enquired about taking personal training sessions as well, and I signed up with Noelle, who is an excellent trainer and immediately understood my goals.

After the first couple of sessions, on different days and times, I asked the team if it would be possible to combine the two, and they agreed. This has been a great experience and I thoroughly enjoy it. I usually start downstairs with Aidan on a self-defence session for roughly one hour, I take a 5 minute break at the end, have a protein shake, which Aidan provides, and then move upstairs to Noelle for a 50 minute personal training session!

A two hour session sounds like a lot but the fact that you are working two different systems means it is not like a 2 hour work out. The self- defence class combines mental challenges as well as physical, and the personal training then targets specific muscle groups. I now find it more beneficial to go straight to personal training after the self- defence as I am  completely warmed up, which saves time, and the adrenaline from the self-defence sessions allows me to push that bit harder in the personal training session. I can also discuss with Noelle what areas I need to work on to allow me to achieve better results in the self-defence classes such as aerobic and core conditioning.

For me it is really convenient to combine the two, I can plan my week and ensure I get both sessions in without wasting time traveling too much etc.…

Having the opportunity to do both at the same time is fantastic and I highly recommend it.

Pat Whelan, Focus Fitness & Hard Target School of Self Defence client.

For more details on a combined self defence/personal training session, talk to us today.